Federal and NT governments announce 10-year, $4 billion remote housing agreement

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In March 2024, the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments announced a joint $4 billion dollar investment for housing in remote communities across the Northern Territory to help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. 

To support delivery of this project, a partnership agreement will be established between the federal and Northern Territory governments and Aboriginal Housing NT – the Territory’s peak First Nations housing body – and Aboriginal Land Councils.

The announcement was made by prime Minister Anthony Albanese during his visit to the Northern Territory. The 10-year commitment is said to fund as many as 270 houses each year which aims to significantly reduce overcrowding. The governments have also committed funding for the maintenance and repairs of existing houses, and for improvements to remote homelands infrastructure. 

In addition to improving the housing outcomes, this investment is also foreseen to create local employment opportunities, including supporting Aboriginal organisations and other Territory businesses. 

The Northern Territory Minister for remote housing and homelands said: “As the Local Member for one of the Territory’s most remote electorates, I have seen firsthand the impact of better housing for those who were living in chronically overcrowded homes with 20 or more people in one dwelling. This investment will go a long way towards continuing our Territory Labor Government quest for better homes and improved health, education, employment and social outcomes.”

The Central Land Council’s chief executive officer Les Turner has welcomed the announcement, noting that more than half of NT’s aboriginal people live in overcrowded houses. 

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